100 Info Barrels in 30 Days Update 2

I’ve been consistently pumping out infobarrel articles each day, though not as fast as I wanted too. I’m a bit behind on my output with around 35 or so articles. However, I’m going to make a concerted effort to pump out 10 – 15 a day to get reach that 100 by next Monday.

I’ll tell your right now, get an infobarrel acount. Right now, I am LOVING infobarrel for the link juice it provides. I’m going through all my hubs (almost 350 now) and adding at least one backlink from infobarrel to each hub. I’ve notices an increase in traffic to hubs that have infobarrel links. I’ve also noticed with some of my self hosted niches that a couple infobarrel links was enough to push it into #4 of the front page.

I’m not saying throwing a couple infobarrel links will push your hub to the number one position for “acne” or anything, but there is some solid link juice to be had. If you are targeting a long tail with little to no competition, a couple info barrel articles and Ezines should be enough to put your site on page one.

So far, my observation is that infobarrel links are about equivalent to Ezine links. However, if I had to choose between the two, I’d actually go with infobarrel because you can put your own ads on and include eBay/Amazon affiliate sales. I’m really starting to think of infobarrel as EzineArticles with the ability to make a bit of money.

As infobarrel does not have Google analytics functionality built in yet (they have built a beta version of this, but it’s not open to the public yet), I’m flying blind here as to what’s going on with traffic. I hope they include this stuff soon so I can begin to track these stats.

Now, let’s talk money.

A few days ago I made my my first coin with infobarrel. A .70 cents from an infobarrel ad click. Considering that I’ve only had up info barrel articles for a week, that’s not bad. Considering that I put up 40 hubs and only made like 2 bucks with Hubpages the first 10 days, .70 fit the first weeks seems on track.

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With only a bit over a week since first posting my articles up, it’s still too early to ascertain the money making capability of infobarrel. The articles I’ve posted are still finding their rankings in Google. Even with Hubpages, it’s often a week between putting up a hub before I find I get a click – and Hubpages has more domain authority than infobarrel. So it might take 2 or 3 weeks to really start to get clicks from infobarrel — at least this is my hope!

Today (this morning), I’ve actually made $2 from infobarrel with 2 clicks. Very interesting. We will see if I start to score regular clicks now that it’s been over a week. Regardless, that’s 2 bucks I didn’t have today. If I can make $5 bucks a day regularly from 100 infobarrel hubs, I’ll be very happy with my 100 article experiment.

I have been doing almost NO external backlink support to my infobarrel articles. The only linking I am doing is between my own Infobarrel articles. Once I get these 100 or so articles up, I will start to send Ezine article backlinks to each infobarrel article and a run with BMD, UAW, and AMA.

So how to Hubpages compare to Infobarrel? My observation is that hubs have more domain authority and thus your long tails will naturally rank higher and bring in more people. I can state pretty confidently, as someone who has almost 350 hubs, if I had put those 30 or so infobarrels on Hubpages, I’m sure I would have made more money. One advantage hubpages has is that the position of the ads are much better for getting clicks. If you set your layout just right, you have a top strip of ads follow by a box of ads immedietly to the right. You also have ads to the right hand side of the screen, in the middle of the article (if you include a picture as I have suggested, half way thorugh the body), and at the very end of the article.

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Infobarrel only has 3 ads per article — not 5 like hubpages. The default layout position of the ads to the left of the first paragraph. Basically, hubpages is far more optimized for adsense clicks than is infobarrel, especially with the top strip and right box of ads. It’s very easy to click on that L shape ad strip. Look at the image below to see what I’m talking about.

Decent, but not as good as it could be

Hubpages has MUCH better ad layout

Now, there are various layouts to play around with in infobarrel, so it could be that you can tinker around with it. From what I’ve seen though,the LESS text you have in your article, the better the default ad layout is for getting clicks. However, the less text you have, the less long tails you have and the less trafic you get. But, i’m going to play around and see if I can’t squeeze out a better layout for ads while including at least 400 words of text.

Now, even if hubpages is better for directly making money (but we can’t tell that until about a month), Infobarrel indirectly makes me more money because any Infobarrel link to a Hubpage ultimately drives up the Hubpage ranking and brings in more traffic. In fact, it’s only beneficial since you have the possibility of making money with Infobarrels while also providing solid backlink juice that will help you make even more money with Hubpages or whatever other site you are sending links to.

It’s very important that you have access to as many different backlinks sources as possible. It’s MUCH better to have 2 backlinks for Squidoo, and 2 from Hubpages than 15 Ezine Article links. Many SEO’s feel that after 5 or so links from the same C class IP, Google gives diminishing returns for link juice.

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I’d say hands down, if it’s better to use Infobarrel as backlink source over GoArticles. These days, GoArticles don’t have much love from Google. It’s taken me weeks to have GoArticle articles get indexed by Google. I’m not saying don’t have GoArticles, but if you only have one article and you have to choose which service to use, put it up on Infobarrel – you may make some money from it while giving better link juice.

So, I’m quite happy so far. It’s too early to tell still the money making potential with Infobarrels – we need to give at least another week to age the articles, I need to send some more backlinks, and I need to get out another 60 or so articles. I suspect getting at least $5 bucks a day should be very possible though. It just might not be as instant a process as Hubpages.

So, it’s well worth signing up for an Infobarrel account if you don’t have one already – you don’t want to miss out on this money making link source. I have a good idea about maximizing your article writing work to reap the most benefits from both Hubpages and Ezine articles in one go. I’ll discuss it next week. But the basic premise is to write an article for Ezine articles, Hubpages, and infobarrel by using SPIN notation.

That one article, if you do a good enough job, will be unique – unique enough to meet the Ezine articles, Hubpages, and infobarrel requirements. I want to test it out though.

I’ll post another update next week, once I have my 100 or so article up. We’ll see what happens then in terms of $.

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