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Controlling your finances using a mobile device is in demand. It is not a mainstay on many Windows Mobile devices. What makes this possible is spb software house phone suite’s new Spb Wallet. Spb software for windows mobile is in the Spb Wallet and this specializes in storing data and protects this vital data with a high security software mechanism. This wallet application is made from spb software house. Spb software is adept at hiding and protecting passwords, bank account numbers, investment information, housing data that you want to keep secret, credit card information, etc. Spb software is synchronizes with an office or desktop companion has the same capabilities regarding gaining access to data on a PC and a Windows Mobile application.

The Spb Wallet houses the new and powerful AES 256-bit algorithm. The CIA and other US Government agencies for protecting national secrets support this. This product is accompanied with systematic clipboard cleanup, an exact login panel and a system auto-lock help defuse or thwart any side channel broad based or specific attacks. This same desktop software application boasts the same ability as its cousin – the Pocket PC. The wallet can grab data off from other wallets and has a wonderful Internet Explorer toolbar.

What makes this wallet even more universal and widens its scope is that it can be bought in 9 languages. It does work with a Windows Mobile 2003 and not only that; it is compatible with the 5.0 for the Pocket PC. In addition, it works with the Windows Mobile 6 Professional devices as well.

The Spb mobile DVD is another desktop application that offers you a simple way to transform DVDs and video data or files to the mobile version. This can be done quickly and efficiently and with a true real-time preview. This technology is just superlative. Some of the attributes of this product are:

Switchable quality with actual real-time focus

Super fast conversion speed

You do not need any other software component for the smartphone off

DVD and video data sources

Conversion with WMV and also XVID systems

The actually ability to transfer an entire movie or just a segment of it

Multi core CPU support

Ability to work with 200MHz Smartphone devices

qVGA, VGA and some square screen help

The Phone application does not do everything, its functions are limited. This is the same with other applications that are in the Windows Mobile entourage. What is special about Windows Mobile is that it has an Application Programming Interface or API. This enables 3rd party technological innovators to contribute to this technology. This opens a door to new breakthroughs and helps push technology into new frontiers. Thus far, technologically capable citizens have helped alleviate the Phone application’s weaknesses. For instance, now someone can operate call filtering, picture dialing, ring tone selection, adjustable sound menu, etc. This is amazing. With this type of teamwork and broad support, a single device can have so much ability.

Spb has had a lot of success with the Pocket Plus. They have now outdone themselves with the Spb Phone Suite, which is known as version 1.0. The main functions that are noteworthy regarding this phone are:

Call reject with SMS message

Photo speed dial

Call filtering

Calendar option with automatic a sound menu

Photos in call data log

The Spb Phone Suite Today Screen plug-in offers up to three lines of adjustable display. Using the default setup, the top row allows access to the displays and settings on the cell phone supporter. Then the middle row offers symbols for automatic access to the call log, mobile power control, sound menu management and message accessibility. You can easily pinpoint your missed calls and the messages you have not read yet. The lowest row displays the picture speed dial function. It is amazing how much function can be on one device. The future is here but we still continue to progress in some ways.

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