Apple MacBook Air Fall 2010 (13.3 inch) – Better screen resolution

The original MacBook Air was pretty much a definition of a luxury system and it was hard to recommend it for everyday use. I think Apple made that laptop just to show people ‘Wow, look what we can do!’ The design was really cool but there were some shortcomings like limited connections that really offset the whole deal. The processor too was seriously outdated considering what other laptops were running on. You couldn’t help thinking that the original Air was made more for a small sliver of consumers.

However, things have changed a lot in the second generation. I got the 13.3 inch version of Apple MacBook Air Fall 2010 and was glad to see that the manufacturer has answered a lot of requests from the Air fans. There is a second USB port now which lets you connect one more peripheral. The earlier one had just one and if you connected something like an external mouse, you couldn’t connect anything else. The presence of a second USB port will answer a lot of issues. The number of USB jacks is still less than typical laptops but I won’t complain about that here since the Apple had to do a few sacrifices to keep the chassis thin. Speaking of thin chassis, the Apple MacBook Air Fall 2010 is as thin as the original one and hence frequent travelers will be glad about it.

Apart from the addition of a USB port, the manufacturer has put in an SD card slot too. It was available on the MacBook Pros but didn’t find its way in the original Air. The processor too is faster now and this will delight people who lack patience. With the faster processor, I certainly won’t hesitate recommending the Apple MacBook Air Fall 2010 as an alternative to any standard laptop. Previous version had a much slower CPU.

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The screen resolution on the Apple MacBook Air Fall 2010 has been improved to give you more real estate to work on. You get a resolution of 1,440×900 pixels which is quite good for a 13 inch system. All these new features make the new Air a much more universal system but still it is not as good as the 13 inch MacBook Pros as they are much faster. Even the classic 13 inch Apple MacBook model is better in terms of speed but I am still glad that Apple put in this new bunch of goodies in the system.

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