What is Instagram Story Viewer?

When I was at Instagram for the first time, I did not realize what is Instagram Story viewer until after I had spent a long time learning how to use the different features of the app. After using the app for a while, I finally realized what is Instagrory viewer is and what are its benefits. Read on to discover more about this useful feature.

What is Instagrory viewer? Instagrory viewer is one of the new features of Instagram. The application allows users to see other photos posted by their friends in their account. You can see people with the same interests as you. You can even see pictures posted by users in your account that were not tagged with your name.


What is Instagrory viewer useful for? There are various uses for this app and it comes in very handy especially if you have a large social network and you do not want to miss out on seeing photos posted by other users.

What is Instagrory viewer’s advantages? Apart, from allowing users to see other people’s photos posted on Instagram, the application can also help users see other people’s photos posted on other social media websites. The app lets users post images on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and a lot of other networks. You can also post pictures on your own accounts to share them with your friends.

How does Instagrory viewer’s use work? Instagrory viewer works by allowing users to choose a photograph on which they want to post an image. Once you select the picture, Instagrory viewer will automatically send the chosen photo to the selected user.

Who is the best user of Instagrime viewer? The best user of this application is definitely teenagers. This is because teenagers tend to be very adventurous and they love to post new and interesting images. As mentioned, this application lets users post pictures on other social media websites. If you are a teenager, you would definitely love to use this application to share photos with your friends and make your account popular.

How does Instagrime viewer benefit teenagers? The biggest advantage of Instagrime viewer is that teenagers can enjoy the fun of being creative without having to spend a lot of money. They can still use their smartphone to post photos on other social media sites and share photos with their friends. This means they do not have to buy expensive cameras just to take photos.

Where can I find out more about Instagrime viewer? If you want to know more about this useful application, you can log on to Instagram’s official website and read all about the application. You will also find more information about how this unique application works. Read on to find out more about this amazing application.

What’s the best thing about Instagrime viewer? You can take an unlimited number of photos on the website and share them with your friends. This will not only let you share photos with your friends but you can also post photos on other networks. This will allow you to post a different image on each social network.

How much does Instagrime viewer cost? The application is free to download and use. You will be required to enter some basic information in order to create a profile. This will include the username and password required to access the website. However, the basic features like uploading photos and sharing photos with other users is free.

Who is the best user of Instagrime viewer? As said earlier, teenagers are the best users of this application. However, this application can be used by anyone. As long as you are at least 16 years old, you can use it to post photos on the social media websites mentioned above.

What is the best feature of Instagrime viewer? As mentioned earlier, the best feature of this application is that it can be used by anyone who has a smartphone. However, this can also be used by those who have the latest devices. Since this application works on smartphones and tablet PCs, it is ideal for those who travel frequently. For example, if you are going on a business trip or on vacation, you can use this application to share photos with your friends or other network users.

Important things about Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones safety are often a phenoplast compound that is effortlessly seen in blueberries and it’s accountable of providing the all kinds of berries his or her attribute spicey fragrance. This explicit compound finds broad utilization within the foods trade even as one element, and it’s utilized in perfumes and cosmetics. the particular ingredient is sort of expensive and plenty most well-liked being a standard flavor within the foodstuff market. still, it’s not at intervals excess naturally which is one among the explanations exactly why business homework involving raspberry ketones safety continues to be taken on, for you to accumulate a lot of of this sort of comparatively rare substance.

Not too in the past raspberry organic compound has been doing media a good deal as a result of its fat loss positive aspects and everybody seems to be building a itinerary on the stores to grab this product. Raspberry ketones had been utilized in one examine for you to mice and conjointly led to the interference of fatty activated elevations from the fat with their systems. It’s crystal rectifier to any or all of the fascination with this technique as being a weight loss assist. The study moreover confirmed increase in corrosion concerning essential fatty acids. Reports performed at intervals Choson and Japan even have incontestible the actual substance’s capability to assist in excess fat disfunction and conjointly change body fat in to vitality. it slow agone, scientists in Okazaki, japan mentioned it assisted forestall fatness in conjunction with greasy lean meats issues. once some period antecedently, analysis employees coming back from Choson mentioned who’s created it easier for raise the secretion related to adiponectin, a internal secretion that typically functions sort of a regulator related to body fat at intervals the blood.

Major blessings of Raspberry organic compound

raspberry ketones safety

It would seem that the benefits of this technique began to the actual front during a huge method from the time one in style health care temperament observed it as a “miracle within the bottle” concerning his TV show. He took to state that it should be an efficient body fat reliever. His or her show and assertion had been sustained by an extra trainer. variety of phrases were created that may ketones be capable of get into the mobile composition and at the moment “break up” fat deposits. This assists disappear fat and set out it within the mobile. This explicit rather easy method during which these styles of ketones operate, plus the essential safety being a all-natural product, get brought on individuals to require up the concept at intervals monumental quantities as a part of what quantity they weigh injury goal. Typically, it has been used associate all natural foodstuff at intervals merchandise, like snow creams, soda pops and conjointly sweets. once the recent news sum of money but, this device is among the foremost most up-to-date supplement of selection for people about to shed weight with out medication or maybe bariatric surgery. variety of health specialists say that the merchandise could facilitate build the abdomen feel larger and conjointly thereby decrease being hungry or food cravings, getting ready its effectiveness for people. many folks conjointly show that there is no want concerning severe modifications in diet regime through usage, community . is ideally suited to any time plus conduct alterations. Raspberry ketones safety are incontestible to be effective just by sterilization the system of lipoid fat burning capability of the physique, however the precise method of the particular method it signals your body for you to reply is not absolutely completed. important research has not dead for this distinctive property, still things selling mistreatment these sorts of organic compound for whittling away the actual pounds tend to be relocating apace from the merchant shelves. a number of the competent whole names a bit like Raspberry organic compound Real have visaged short backlogs thanks to the inflated rise in quality of victorious organic compound health supplements

Google Android Phones World’s Best Seller

There are numerous news reports of phones with the Google Android OS installed now becoming the world’s best selling mobile devices. This comes from Canalys which is a market research company and is reporting that worldwide shipments of Android OS mobile phones has increased to the point where the Symbian (Nokia) OS mobile phones has slipped into 2nd place. Symbian phones have had a lock on 1st place for what seems forever and with this change in position, it appears that Android OS phones are going to hold on to 1st place for the foreseeable future. All of these numbers are based on shipment information that was provided.

In the information provided in the report, Google’s Android OS shipped 33.3 million devices in the 4th quarter of 2010 and Nokia’s Symbian shipped 31 million. If you compare the numbers from the 4th quarter of 2009, Google’s Android shipped 4.7 million and Nokia shipped 23.9 million devices. The increase for Google is significant considering it has been in the market for a short time and is continuing to show signs of rapid growth. Apple remains in 3rd place in the report and has seen excellent growth from 8.7 in the 4th quarter of 2009 to 16.2 million in the 4th quarter of 2010.

One item of interest in the report is the fate of Microsoft OS phones. Microsoft has been reluctant to provide any actual sales results from their Windows Phone 7 and this report may show they are having more problems than they are willing to admit. In the 4th quarter of 2009, they had shipments of 3.9 million devices and in the 4th quarter of 2010, they shipped 3.1 million. They were the only one in the top 5 listed in the report who lost ground when they should have seen in an increase in shipments. Obviously, this report does not spell good news for them.

With the ever changing landscape of mobile phones and the changes from vendor phone software to companies producing mobile OS’s for manufacturers, the measurements make it difficult to look at things the same way as in the past. Nokia as a manufacturer and software OS is still in the number one spot at 28%, but with companies producing software that many different manufacturers use, it presents challenges as to how to present the information in a fair way. Things are no longer an apples to apples comparison and the end result is that the days of single mobile and OS as a single company are going to be forever ruled over by the likes of an Android type OS.

It Begins For The Verizon iPhone 4

After the long wait for Verizon to get the iPhone, we are on the verge of that event becoming a reality. While the first sales will not be to non-Verizon customers, it will be to existing Verizon customers who want to get the iPhone in advance of the general public, almost like a reward for their loyalty. As with other new phones, Verizon will basically be taking orders and shipping them to the customers on February 10th or you can reserve them for in store pick up on that date or later. There is always the possibility that some phones would be delivered prior to that date.

Apple has announced that it will begin taking orders on February 9th which can then be shipped or reserved for you to pick up at a Verizon store. Since Apple will also be selling the Verizon iPhone, the in store pick will also include the Apple stores. Verizon online and in store sales will begin on February 10th and expectations are there will be some significant traffic on this new phone for Verizon. Just how large is something we will have to wait and find out. Estimates for the number of AT&T iPhone users leaving to move to Verizon has been widely guessed at and there is no consensus of the numbers.

Pricing for the Verison iPhone will be the same as it is at AT&T, so there is no difference there. Verizon will be providing the ability to have a mobile hotspot on the iPhone which AT&T does not have at the moment, but should in a few weeks as it is a software update for the wireless carriers to implement. There will be the obvious charges for this feature, which for Verizon will start at $20 per month.

The past problems with the antenna on the GSM iPhone 4 will not occur for Verizon as the CDMA version of the phone has redesigned the antenna location to minimize that problem. There are some differences between the two network phones such as the CDMA version does not let you talk on the phone and do other activities at the same time, while the GSM version does.

Selected Walmarts will also be selling the Verizon iPhone 4 so the number of locations is starting to grow. It is expected that all Walmarts will be selling the Verizon iPhone along with a number of other retailers after the first month of sales. Best Buy announced today they will be selling the Verizon iPhone in their stores on February 10th. Earlier indications were they intended to only sell the AT&T iPhone, so this is a reversal.

Expect to see lots of reporting on the Verizon iPhone sales for the next few weeks. At lease until the announcement for the iPad 2 comes out.

Comcast Pioneers Business Model of “Bundled Services”

For years now, a foe in between a wire TV as well as a heavenly body TV industries has been intense, as well as has led both sides to do a little flattering engaging things in an bid to get ahead. Basically, both wire TV as well as heavenly body TV have been perplexing to take worth of their strengths whilst downplaying their weaknesses. One thing which a wire TV attention can do most improved than a heavenly body TV attention is gold together assorted telecommunications services together with wire TV service. Comcast has been generally innovative in this effort.

Comcast takes worth of a actuality which wire TV is delivered regulating a bound tie of a wire by charity alternative services which can be delivered over which wire or over alternative land formed connections. For example, digital wire TV record creates it comparatively easy to supplement tall speed Internet use to a home over a same cable. It’s additionally sincerely easy to supplement a tall tech digital phone use which offers a tall turn of use as well as value- generally when compared to a internal write company.

While any association can fan itself with alternative companies to suggest bundled services, Comcast can yield improved use during a reduce price simply since it doesn’t have to fan itself with any alternative companies. For example, it’s not surprising for a heavenly body TV association to have a use bundled together with DSL as well as phone use from a phone company, yet whilst such bundled packages might price about a same volume as a single of Comcast’s bundled packages, a peculiarity of use isn’t as great since a record that’s supposing in these bundles isn’t as good. For example, a broadband wire formed Internet tie supposing by Comcast is about 6 times faster than a fastest DSL service.

Also, a digital voice phone use charity by Comcast is a most improved worth than anything charity by a required phone service- mostly since of entrance to giveaway total prolonged stretch to numbers in a United States as well as Canada.

Bundling together digital wire TV, tall speed Internet, as well as home phone use has a series of reduction viewable advantages. For example, a actuality which we get all of these services from a single association creates it so which we usually have to understanding with a single company. This is an additional worth which Comcast is generally great during upon condition which since it doesn’t plantation out services to alternative companies. Even yet a little alternative bundled packages have a apparition of being by a single company, a actuality which they’re mostly farmed out to a single or dual alternative companies equates to which if we need help, we can unequivocally get a run around. In fact, it’s easy to suppose job a single association as well as being told which your complaint is an additional company’s shortcoming as well as afterwards job a second company, which tells we which a alternative association handles which field.

With a association similar to Comcast which handles all of a telecommunications services which it markets, it’s simply not a concern. Similarly, a actuality which Comcast is obliged for a designation of all 3 services equates to which they’ll all duty rightly together prior to a technician leaves we home. That’s something which companies charity alternative sorts of bundled packages can’t guarantee.

In summary, a savings, convenience, as well as use which are charity by bundling telecommunications services have wire TV companies incredibly tasteful in a lot of ways, as well as Comcast is a single of a companies that’s been instrumental in enlightening this commercial operation model.

Clear ash layer make your computer faster

Clear the ash layer to make your computer faster: your computer is in the climb?Do not give up. There are a few things you can do. ZDNet Australia Craig Sims needs to see. In some way, inspires a PC run like a turtle, and put it back up to speed. Dust to accumulate over time, impeding airflow, air flow is the key to maintain the system temperature drop. If your system is overheating, it may stifle its performance to cope. Easy to clean up dust, and if you’ve got a desktop rather than a laptop – can still vents in the laptop away from removal of dust, but cautious to open it to do a thorough cleaning, as according to the supplier this may void your warranty. If you are over the warranty period, your confidence voyage most laptops made.

The first step is from a general dust around the system. You can use the wet wipes, cotton swabs into hard to reach areas, but you can hire one of the best tools is compressed air. To ensure that the to avoid vacuum cleaner – or at least let them overzealous. We already know who suck off a plate capacitor. Use a vacuum cleaner, but also as Brian CNET News Curry tells us that there are other issues: You might be tempted to adhere to suck out the dust inside a vacuum cleaner hose. I do not know. Vacuum generating static electricity, which is fatal sensitive electronic components. On the same note, do not try to reverse the vacuum stream and computer dust blowing. A household vacuum inside the dust is harmful to your health, you will be spread on your computer. In addition, your risk is fairly large particles, which may be physical damage to the internal components, especially if you use a shop vacuum blowing out. The compressed air is advantageous in that it is clean, not particles. Blasting before you start, unplug your computer and put it outside – or at least your garage. Now, from the top-down, blew out all the dust dust masks, unless you have to face debtmust be sprayed in the air a short time, kept upright and the tube at least a couple of inches from the hardware.

Next, you will want to get your fans and radiator cleaning. Curry is here are some tips: Turn off your computer, remove the lid and locate a variety of fans to start. And power, blowing through internal slit from the chassis, designed to make the dust will exit the back. Next, enter the intake fan blowing (if any), pushed back more dust. Finally, blew up the rear exhaust fan cleaning blade. If possible, just below the center of the target, the motor and fan assembly, and the explosion again. Repeating each fan in the process, maintaining at all times upright. Now restart your computer, and fans spinning, spray once – very briefly – really sent dust flying. If the fan continues to grind or ticks after you clean up, there is an opportunity, you can always add additional lubrication. However, if this is a step too far, you can always just replace it.

Choosing Great Video gaming Computer mouse For the Video games

Some type of computer computer mouse is among the most significant enter products that are utilized to be able to connect to your pc online game. Which means this bit of equipment allows the actual pc in order to deliver your own manage directions towards the online game. The computer mouse is actually accountable to manage the actual motion from the tip on the pc display, nevertheless it acts in a different way throughout the game-play. However the job is very exactly the same that you simply contact the actual gaming as well as deliver the actual directions to be able to continue together with your objective like a participant.

Just what Video gaming Computer mouse as well as Exactly how this Varies From the Regular Computer mouse? To be able to carry out much better within the online game, you must have exceptional video gaming equipment that has technical benefit compared to normal computer mouse combined with daily computer systems. The most crucial facets of the actual video gaming computer mouse equipment would be the laser beam technologies, the actual pré-réglable secrets, pounds manage, ergonomic desk style with regard to simple hold as well as adjustable BROUGHT lighting and so on. The actual top quality laser beam technologies guarantees the actual accuracy as well as precision inside your online game, as well as lead to much better manage within video game. Therefore if you use the video gaming computer mouse, you are able to sure it offers exceptional precision as well as manage of the online game.

There are lots of video gaming equipment producers which create the very best video gaming rodents on the planet, typically the most popular among all of them would be the Razer, Logitech as well as Cyborg and so on.

Choosing Greatest Video gaming Computer mouse? Whenever you purchase a video gaming computer mouse, check for that particular functions that make sure the actual technologies within computer mouse equipment is actually associated with video gaming quality, these types of functions tend to be subsequent:

Ergonomic desk Style: An ideal style that is fantastic for putting hand as well as fingertips so it guarantees a much better hold, that decreases the likelihood of sliding fingertips whilst clicking on the actual control keys. Therefore a good ergonomic desk style can make the computer mouse well suited for video gaming.

Higher Accuracy Laser beam Sensor DPI Price: The most crucial perform from the computer mouse would be to manage the actual motion associated with computer mouse on the pc display, this particular motion could be calculated utilizing a DPI or even ‘dots for each inch’ quantity, that is straight associated with the actual precision inside your online game. A greater DPI quantity indicates much more precision as well as reduce dpi indicates bad manage of the online game. A regular computer mouse offers 4-5 occasions much less DPI quantity than the usual video gaming computer mouse that is a minimum of four thousand DPI or more.

Hyper-Response Control keys: Game player quality computer mouse offers quick conversation wire that leads to quicker conversation through computer mouse in order to pc, therefore the control keys from the computer mouse must have the absolute minimum reaction period as well as use hyper pace.

Macros or even Pré-réglable Secrets: This particular function is just obtainable in video gaming equipment, the macro crucial is really a pré-réglable switch or even crucial which could straight connect to your own online game as well as execute a particular perform inside your online game, for example pré-réglable crucial to show chart or even alter digital camera position.

Flexible computer mouse pounds: Capability to alter the actual pounds of the computer mouse makes it simple with regard to to regulate the actual computer mouse pulling throughout the game-play. To help you obtain precision through modifying the actual pounds of the computer mouse.

Easy to customize BROUGHT lighting: Video gaming rodents includes BROUGHT lighting which may be arranged in order to any kind of colour preferred through the participant, most recent equipment enables a number of color choices for BROUGHT lighting.

Buying а Computer

Whаt To Do And Why

It isn’t fаir, but buying а computer is just plаin еаsiеr for somе thаn it is for othеrs. Thosе who’vе purchаsеd аnd usеd а computer in thе pаst аlrеаdy hаvе аn idеа of whаt thеy nееd in а nеw computer. But thosе who аrе nеw to thе computer world could gеt lost in thе myriаd of choicеs аvаilаblе.

Thе short аnswеr to “Whаt should I buy?” is “Thе bеst.” Of coursе thаt аnswеr is еxtrеmеly subjеctivе bеcаusе “thе bеst” to onе pеrson is cеrtаinly diffеrеnt to аnothеr. Our dеfinition of “thе bеst” is thе fаstеst аnd thе biggеst, but еvеn thаt lеаvеs thе computer nеwbiе confusеd. Hеrе’s а quick rundown of whаt thе computer novicе should do аnd why.

1. Buy а computer thаt includеs bаsic pеriphеrаls. Evеry computer cаn bе brokеn down into four mаjor componеnts: CPU unit, monitor, kеyboаrd, аnd mousе. For thе novicе, it’s bеst to buy а computer thаt hаs аll of thеsе componеnts includеd so thаt whеn it’s tаkеn homе, аssеmbling thе computer is а simplе matter of plugging things in whеrе thеy bеlong. Sаvе thе individuаl purchаsеs of thеsе componеnts for thosе who hаvе morе еxpеriеncе.

2. Dеcidе whаt you’ll usе thе computer for. If you wаnt to usе your computer for cruising thе wеb, sеnding еmаil, or pеrforming simplе word-processing or sprеаdshееt tаsks, а computer with thе bаsic componеnts thаt wе just dеscribеd should sufficе. If you wаnt to usе а computer to hеlp with а cаrееr in multimеdiа howеvеr, you’rе going to nееd to аccessorizе your systеm with а scаnnеr, printer, digitаl cаmеrа, tаblеt, or digicаm for еxаmplе. If you wаnt а computer to hеlp with а cаrееr in music, you will nееd а quаlity microphone аnd sеt of spеаkеrs.

3. Crеаtе а budgеt аnd stick to it. How much cаn you аfford to spеnd on а nеw computer? Although thе pricеs of computers аrе dеcrеаsing, thеy cаn still crеаtе а hеfty еxpеnsе еspеciаlly if you nееd аdditionаl pеriphеrаls dеscribеd аbovе. In аddition, you’ll nееd to figurе in costs for mаintеnаncе, sеrvicing, аnd insuring.

4. Stаrt compаrison shopping аnd look for thе “fаstеst аnd biggеst.” By “fаstеst аnd biggеst,” wе mеаn thе computer with thе fаstеst processor, thе fаstеst modеm, thе biggеst mеmory, аnd thе biggеst hаrd drivе cаpаcity. Evеn if you think thаt you’ll nеvеr nееd thе аmount of spееd or spаcе аvаilаblе on thе mаrkеt todаy, it’s importаnt to hаvе in thе еvеnt thаt you truly do nееd thаt much in thе futurе. Hаving such а lаrgе rеsеrvе will cut down on costs whеn thе timе comеs to upgrаdе for morе thаn whаt you mаy sеttlе for in а computer thаt offеrs less.

5. Stick with thе bеtter-known brаnds. Vеnturing off thе bеаtеn pаth with lessor-known brаnds is аgаin, аn аdvеnturе for thosе who hаvе morе еxpеriеncе with computers. Although thosе bеtter-known brаnds mаy bе а tаd bit morе еxpеnsivе, thе computer novicе will аpprеciаtе thе comfort in purchаsing а computer from а business thаt hаs а long rеcord of building quаlity products, аnd thаt hаs thе funds аvаilаblе for fulfilling rеturns, trаdеs, sеrvicing, аnd wаrrаntiеs.

6. Sеlеct а storе. Hаving аn idеа of whаt you wаnt in а computer аnd whаt kind of computer thаt you wаnt, your only tаsk lеft is to sеlеct thе plаcе in which you wаnt to buy it. Thеrе аrе а numbеr of plаcеs аvаilаblе including computer storе outlеts, onlinе storеs, аuction sitеs, usеd computer storеs, or your friеndly nеighborhood yаrd sаlе. For thе computer novicе, wе rеcommеnd buying а computer from а physicаl storе. In а physicаl storе, you hаvе thе opportunity to sее thе computer of interеst in pеrson аnd аsk quеstions. Nеw computer buyеrs аlso hаvе аccess to storе wаrrаntiеs, rеturns, trаdеs, аnd sеrvicеs.

Thеsе suggеstions should givе thе computer nеwbiе а grеаt stаrt in sеlеcting а quаlity computer for thе first timе аnd thеy аpply to еithеr Windows computers or Applе Mаcintosh computers. After mаking thеsе dеcisions аnd finаlly sеlеcting onе thаt fits your nееds, you cаn thеn vеnturе into thе fаscinаting world of softwаrе – а world thаt is just аs grаnd аs thе world of hаrdwаrе!

Buying a Digital Camera to suit your needs

I can still remember the box camera my uncle took with him everywhere and never allowed any of us kids (at that time) near it. He took such great pleasure operating, and taking care of it and had great pride in showing off the photographs he got off from it.

All of us own a digital camera today; but I don’t think we value or treasure them as much as my uncle did his old Kodak box camera in his day. The reason for this is may be because of the plethora of various types of camera we have today with each vying with the other for quality, functionality and price. The digital camera is a marvel in its own way and unlike in those days, you don’t have to be an expert cameraman to take prize winning photos because everything has a setting making the shooting of photographs so much easier.

Most professionals who know what’s best for them prefer the Nikon digital SLR camera because they say it gives them the best shots of all. Nikon no doubt is one of the most popular brands when it comes to cameras mostly because of the quality of their lenses. Exceptional photography owes a lot to exceptional lenses and Nikon has one for almost every purpose. It’s easy to understand how much the digital SLR camera is prized by veterans when you realize that even Hollywood movies are shot with them while amateurs use this camera to get the movie look for their photos.

The problem most people are faced with today is having too many gadgets and devices that they don’t put to good use. For example what use is a digital camcorder for someone who hardly videos events? If all he does with his camera is shoot a few photos on vacation and an occasional video, he should have settled for a digital camera because they provide bright , clear images that you don’t usually get from a camcorder.

The digital camcorder is for the person who really enjoys videoing events for fun or for professional work and offer more features such as built in lamps, better quality zooming etc. It also means storing a whole lot of data on the hard disc and unless you can’t do without a camcorder its best to stick to a digital camera some which also have the video function built in to it.

Then there’s the Digital HD camcorder which comes with a high price tag. This has all the features that a professional would want such as surround sound and recording capabilities as well as built in microphones. It can also store more files and for someone who wants the best in video cameras he will no doubt find the digital HD camcorder more than suitable for his needs.

There’s a breed of photographers who like nothing better than shooting in and under water for which they have their own brand of cameras. A waterproof digital camera is different from others in that they have to be protected from the elements such as dust, moisture and water. Such a camera can also be used in freezing temperatures or fall on a hard surface and still survive. But the pictures that can be taken underwater with the Waterproof digital camera is limited to 10 meters. Think well for what purpose you need a camera and then buy one that is suitable for you.

Apple MacBook Air Fall 2010 (13.3 inch) – Better screen resolution

The original MacBook Air was pretty much a definition of a luxury system and it was hard to recommend it for everyday use. I think Apple made that laptop just to show people ‘Wow, look what we can do!’ The design was really cool but there were some shortcomings like limited connections that really offset the whole deal. The processor too was seriously outdated considering what other laptops were running on. You couldn’t help thinking that the original Air was made more for a small sliver of consumers.

However, things have changed a lot in the second generation. I got the 13.3 inch version of Apple MacBook Air Fall 2010 and was glad to see that the manufacturer has answered a lot of requests from the Air fans. There is a second USB port now which lets you connect one more peripheral. The earlier one had just one and if you connected something like an external mouse, you couldn’t connect anything else. The presence of a second USB port will answer a lot of issues. The number of USB jacks is still less than typical laptops but I won’t complain about that here since the Apple had to do a few sacrifices to keep the chassis thin. Speaking of thin chassis, the Apple MacBook Air Fall 2010 is as thin as the original one and hence frequent travelers will be glad about it.

Apart from the addition of a USB port, the manufacturer has put in an SD card slot too. It was available on the MacBook Pros but didn’t find its way in the original Air. The processor too is faster now and this will delight people who lack patience. With the faster processor, I certainly won’t hesitate recommending the Apple MacBook Air Fall 2010 as an alternative to any standard laptop. Previous version had a much slower CPU.

The screen resolution on the Apple MacBook Air Fall 2010 has been improved to give you more real estate to work on. You get a resolution of 1,440×900 pixels which is quite good for a 13 inch system. All these new features make the new Air a much more universal system but still it is not as good as the 13 inch MacBook Pros as they are much faster. Even the classic 13 inch Apple MacBook model is better in terms of speed but I am still glad that Apple put in this new bunch of goodies in the system.