Amazon Announces Wider Release of Redshift

Amazon aims to reduce the prohibitive cost of data storage through its Redshift service as it makes the service widely available following a limited release in November. Redshift is a cloud-based storage service potentially capable of reducing the cost of data warehousing to one tenth of current available services.

This makes Redshift effective both for start-ups and large, established companies. The product is one of Amazon’s many services available on the web, and can help all kinds of companies that routinely store and use data by reducing operating costs and possibly capital expenses.

Image Credit: Guillermo Esteves

Data Storage Plus Some Limited Services

Along with the storage capabilities, Redshift adds analytics and other services to warehouse management systems through integration into a company’s wider IT operations. Amazon began this service by working with Jaspersoft and MicroStrategy, but recently announced that other third-party pairings include Tableau, Attunity, Pentaho, Actuate, Cognizant, SAP, IBM, Actuate, Informatica, Birst, Talend, Pervasive and Roambi. Amazon has dipped a toe into the water of servicing data along with its data storage, banking on the fact that many companies have integrated data use as part of their daily business model.

Cost of Data Storage Via Redshift

Redshift’s pricing is designed on a sliding scale according to usage. For instance, XL Node 2 terabyte on-demand storage begins at $0.85 an hour per Node. Redshift also has a one-year reserved instance contract offering the same service at $0.215. The next tier of storage is priced at $0.912 for a three-year reserved instance contract and includes 8XL Node 16 terabyte storage, or $6.80 for the option of using on-demand per node. Amazon maintains that this pricing represents about $1,000 per terabyte of data storage.

The traditional cost of a traditional data warehousing arrangement typically costs from $19,000 to $25,000 for each terabyte, so Redshift’s advent represents a massive price decline. This price decline is what brings it into the purview of small companies and startups, which may help young companies grow faster through data analytics and affordable storage. Amazon is testing the waters of reducing cost of other web services as well, having recently launched a service for cloud-based elastic video trans-coding. Users can reformat video for a variety of devices at a fraction of current market pricing. In fact, the Redshift team’s mission was to leverage AWS to provide cheap, reliable storage and service at one tenth the cost.

True to its usual form, Amazon didn’t release data on Redshift sales information. This is hardly surprising because Amazon tends not to release information on sales of any of its products such as e-readers and tablets. However, the company was happy to announce that “hundreds” of companies had already made the switch to Redshift as early adopters. The list of types of companies using this service include companies involved in health care, gaming, advertising, mobile phones, social applications, manufacturing, finance, and e-commerce. It remains to be seen whether Amazon will expand Redshift’s data analytics capabilities, or continue to focus on data warehousing.

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About SPB Software House

Controlling your finances using a mobile device is in demand. It is not a mainstay on many Windows Mobile devices. What makes this possible is spb software house phone suite’s new Spb Wallet. Spb software for windows mobile is in the Spb Wallet and this specializes in storing data and protects this vital data with a high security software mechanism. This wallet application is made from spb software house. Spb software is adept at hiding and protecting passwords, bank account numbers, investment information, housing data that you want to keep secret, credit card information, etc. Spb software is synchronizes with an office or desktop companion has the same capabilities regarding gaining access to data on a PC and a Windows Mobile application.

The Spb Wallet houses the new and powerful AES 256-bit algorithm. The CIA and other US Government agencies for protecting national secrets support this. This product is accompanied with systematic clipboard cleanup, an exact login panel and a system auto-lock help defuse or thwart any side channel broad based or specific attacks. This same desktop software application boasts the same ability as its cousin – the Pocket PC. The wallet can grab data off from other wallets and has a wonderful Internet Explorer toolbar.

What makes this wallet even more universal and widens its scope is that it can be bought in 9 languages. It does work with a Windows Mobile 2003 and not only that; it is compatible with the 5.0 for the Pocket PC. In addition, it works with the Windows Mobile 6 Professional devices as well.

The Spb mobile DVD is another desktop application that offers you a simple way to transform DVDs and video data or files to the mobile version. This can be done quickly and efficiently and with a true real-time preview. This technology is just superlative. Some of the attributes of this product are:

Switchable quality with actual real-time focus

Super fast conversion speed

You do not need any other software component for the smartphone off

DVD and video data sources

Conversion with WMV and also XVID systems

The actually ability to transfer an entire movie or just a segment of it

Multi core CPU support

Ability to work with 200MHz Smartphone devices

qVGA, VGA and some square screen help

The Phone application does not do everything, its functions are limited. This is the same with other applications that are in the Windows Mobile entourage. What is special about Windows Mobile is that it has an Application Programming Interface or API. This enables 3rd party technological innovators to contribute to this technology. This opens a door to new breakthroughs and helps push technology into new frontiers. Thus far, technologically capable citizens have helped alleviate the Phone application’s weaknesses. For instance, now someone can operate call filtering, picture dialing, ring tone selection, adjustable sound menu, etc. This is amazing. With this type of teamwork and broad support, a single device can have so much ability.

Spb has had a lot of success with the Pocket Plus. They have now outdone themselves with the Spb Phone Suite, which is known as version 1.0. The main functions that are noteworthy regarding this phone are:

Call reject with SMS message

Photo speed dial

Call filtering

Calendar option with automatic a sound menu

Photos in call data log

The Spb Phone Suite Today Screen plug-in offers up to three lines of adjustable display. Using the default setup, the top row allows access to the displays and settings on the cell phone supporter. Then the middle row offers symbols for automatic access to the call log, mobile power control, sound menu management and message accessibility. You can easily pinpoint your missed calls and the messages you have not read yet. The lowest row displays the picture speed dial function. It is amazing how much function can be on one device. The future is here but we still continue to progress in some ways.

About School Proxy Servers

Computers and laptops are often used in schools. Eventually each child will likely have one at their desk and perform most of their work on it. Benefits of this include the opportunity for equal access to the same education for all children, more mobility and increased awareness beyond their home and school, ability to promote individual creativity and collaboration between students and with the teachers. In the future, there may be student-driven learning where students themselves individualize education instructs and teachers are there to guide the process. Computer-aided learning prepares the children for the future. We are in a global economy. We need to be able to access and use information in an electronic way to be successful.

The school proxy server is designed to keep the students minds and concentration on their assigned projects. Access to the Internet is routed from the sending computer to another computer, which is the server to the Internet site. This server, also known as a proxy, then accepts the order and opens a portal to the web site desired or refuses to allow passage. School administrators set the guidelines for the uses of these computers and laptops at school.

School computers are tightly monitored. Before gaining access, students are educated on allowable and non-allowable uses. If the students violate these rules, they could face suspension, loses of computer privileges or any other punishment administration had stipulated. The education opportunities afforded by these modern marvels also created hazards which young people need to be sheltered from.

This server can be programmed to use a filter system that eliminates any sites that contain certain words or phrases. This server can also refuse access to a blocked web site address, many web site addresses or any web site address. The server is a filter that allows only the access to go through it that it is programmed to. When a website address is typed in, the server checks the information requested against its filtering rules.

The server performs a number of functions. The server increases the speed of logging onto the Interned and access to the requested information by using a cache system. This same server keeps a log of work done and the web sites visited and can audit these when requested. This also scans transmitted content for malware before allowing delivery to the requesting computer and scans outbound content for things like data leak protection. The server automatically performs a number of functions and can be programmed to do much more.

School proxy bypass can be done by reaching another proxy server called a gateway. Typing in the new proxy server’s address does this. Once the new proxy server is reached, the gateway has no restriction, blocks or filters. All the old filters or blocks are removed from the computer search. The old proxy performed its service; the address used was an acceptable address. A user can go anywhere on the Internet without restriction. Schools constantly monitor the on-line addresses and continually update the blocked addresses of these gateways. Likewise, gateways are constantly being created, discovered and used.

Schools routinely attempt to limit access to the Internet and the contents contained on the Internet on the schools computers used by students. There are ways to bypass these filters by using a gateway, students search for and find these links. Students expend a huge amount of energy and intellectual power outsmarting and trying to outsmart the restrictions placed on them and the computer system. This is a constant battle of wits between the school administrators and the students. Maybe this is really just another step in the students’ education on the use of a computer and how to access information and use it to their benefit.

100 Info Barrels in 30 Days Update 2

I’ve been consistently pumping out infobarrel articles each day, though not as fast as I wanted too. I’m a bit behind on my output with around 35 or so articles. However, I’m going to make a concerted effort to pump out 10 – 15 a day to get reach that 100 by next Monday.

I’ll tell your right now, get an infobarrel acount. Right now, I am LOVING infobarrel for the link juice it provides. I’m going through all my hubs (almost 350 now) and adding at least one backlink from infobarrel to each hub. I’ve notices an increase in traffic to hubs that have infobarrel links. I’ve also noticed with some of my self hosted niches that a couple infobarrel links was enough to push it into #4 of the front page.

I’m not saying throwing a couple infobarrel links will push your hub to the number one position for “acne” or anything, but there is some solid link juice to be had. If you are targeting a long tail with little to no competition, a couple info barrel articles and Ezines should be enough to put your site on page one.

So far, my observation is that infobarrel links are about equivalent to Ezine links. However, if I had to choose between the two, I’d actually go with infobarrel because you can put your own ads on and include eBay/Amazon affiliate sales. I’m really starting to think of infobarrel as EzineArticles with the ability to make a bit of money.

As infobarrel does not have Google analytics functionality built in yet (they have built a beta version of this, but it’s not open to the public yet), I’m flying blind here as to what’s going on with traffic. I hope they include this stuff soon so I can begin to track these stats.

Now, let’s talk money.

A few days ago I made my my first coin with infobarrel. A .70 cents from an infobarrel ad click. Considering that I’ve only had up info barrel articles for a week, that’s not bad. Considering that I put up 40 hubs and only made like 2 bucks with Hubpages the first 10 days, .70 fit the first weeks seems on track.

With only a bit over a week since first posting my articles up, it’s still too early to ascertain the money making capability of infobarrel. The articles I’ve posted are still finding their rankings in Google. Even with Hubpages, it’s often a week between putting up a hub before I find I get a click – and Hubpages has more domain authority than infobarrel. So it might take 2 or 3 weeks to really start to get clicks from infobarrel — at least this is my hope!

Today (this morning), I’ve actually made $2 from infobarrel with 2 clicks. Very interesting. We will see if I start to score regular clicks now that it’s been over a week. Regardless, that’s 2 bucks I didn’t have today. If I can make $5 bucks a day regularly from 100 infobarrel hubs, I’ll be very happy with my 100 article experiment.

I have been doing almost NO external backlink support to my infobarrel articles. The only linking I am doing is between my own Infobarrel articles. Once I get these 100 or so articles up, I will start to send Ezine article backlinks to each infobarrel article and a run with BMD, UAW, and AMA.

So how to Hubpages compare to Infobarrel? My observation is that hubs have more domain authority and thus your long tails will naturally rank higher and bring in more people. I can state pretty confidently, as someone who has almost 350 hubs, if I had put those 30 or so infobarrels on Hubpages, I’m sure I would have made more money. One advantage hubpages has is that the position of the ads are much better for getting clicks. If you set your layout just right, you have a top strip of ads follow by a box of ads immedietly to the right. You also have ads to the right hand side of the screen, in the middle of the article (if you include a picture as I have suggested, half way thorugh the body), and at the very end of the article.

Infobarrel only has 3 ads per article — not 5 like hubpages. The default layout position of the ads to the left of the first paragraph. Basically, hubpages is far more optimized for adsense clicks than is infobarrel, especially with the top strip and right box of ads. It’s very easy to click on that L shape ad strip. Look at the image below to see what I’m talking about.

Decent, but not as good as it could be

Hubpages has MUCH better ad layout

Now, there are various layouts to play around with in infobarrel, so it could be that you can tinker around with it. From what I’ve seen though,the LESS text you have in your article, the better the default ad layout is for getting clicks. However, the less text you have, the less long tails you have and the less trafic you get. But, i’m going to play around and see if I can’t squeeze out a better layout for ads while including at least 400 words of text.

Now, even if hubpages is better for directly making money (but we can’t tell that until about a month), Infobarrel indirectly makes me more money because any Infobarrel link to a Hubpage ultimately drives up the Hubpage ranking and brings in more traffic. In fact, it’s only beneficial since you have the possibility of making money with Infobarrels while also providing solid backlink juice that will help you make even more money with Hubpages or whatever other site you are sending links to.

It’s very important that you have access to as many different backlinks sources as possible. It’s MUCH better to have 2 backlinks for Squidoo, and 2 from Hubpages than 15 Ezine Article links. Many SEO’s feel that after 5 or so links from the same C class IP, Google gives diminishing returns for link juice.

I’d say hands down, if it’s better to use Infobarrel as backlink source over GoArticles. These days, GoArticles don’t have much love from Google. It’s taken me weeks to have GoArticle articles get indexed by Google. I’m not saying don’t have GoArticles, but if you only have one article and you have to choose which service to use, put it up on Infobarrel – you may make some money from it while giving better link juice.

So, I’m quite happy so far. It’s too early to tell still the money making potential with Infobarrels – we need to give at least another week to age the articles, I need to send some more backlinks, and I need to get out another 60 or so articles. I suspect getting at least $5 bucks a day should be very possible though. It just might not be as instant a process as Hubpages.

So, it’s well worth signing up for an Infobarrel account if you don’t have one already – you don’t want to miss out on this money making link source. I have a good idea about maximizing your article writing work to reap the most benefits from both Hubpages and Ezine articles in one go. I’ll discuss it next week. But the basic premise is to write an article for Ezine articles, Hubpages, and infobarrel by using SPIN notation.

That one article, if you do a good enough job, will be unique – unique enough to meet the Ezine articles, Hubpages, and infobarrel requirements. I want to test it out though.

I’ll post another update next week, once I have my 100 or so article up. We’ll see what happens then in terms of $.

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Today I want to talk about Project Payday. A few of you wanted to know how I made money with them and why I got banned from promoting them. Today I am going to talk about it all. From what you should do to begin, to where you should promote to why I got banned.

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I have seen people report $100 days, some have reported $1,000+ months. I must tell you I was to lazy to do that much promoting. Some days was $2 other days was over $20. Total I did over $100 before being banned. This is a great site to make money with. If you are going to join, I must tell you I am going to use my referral link in hopes of being able to promote this site again.

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Now for what most of you been waiting to read. “Why I Got Banned” The reason is nothing new nor is it bad on their part. I totally respect why they banned me. Since they pay per lead. (just for people to fill in their name and email address) It is very easy for them to lose money. (A lot of money) They ban people from promoting them who are bring in lots of leads that don’t become active members. Well guest what? I was one of those people, When I have big days of earning, most of the time I think people would just fill in name and email address and just totally forget about the site. Even though you would get a email from the site, I guess people forgot and delete it as if it was spam. Now that being said this is a main reason why you should NOT pay people to fill in their name and email address because they won’t become members and you will get banned for not bring new active members.

Now that you have my ways of promoting, and your own ideas flowing through your mind sign up to Project Payday and make some big money. After Post Information Million RSS Animated Gangster Rap Video Of French President Secret To Getting Stumbleupon Traffic Top 3 Easiest Backlinks via Blog Comments Focal Price Affiliate Program Subscribe To KushMoney Today | Donate To KushMoney Network For More Information Read Pitbull Poker Review Tags: Project Payday Posted in My Thoughts | Comments (1) One Response to “Project Payday” Charlei Miller (1 comments) Says: May 16th, 2008 at 12:08 am Could not agee with you more.. Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Notify me of followup comments via e-mail

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