How to Write an Effective Article for your SEO Business

Article writing is one of the professional services offered by some SEO companies to boost their traffic and revenues. But, what if you are not an expert writer or you are a novice in the line of writing? Because millions of people today are depending on internet in searching information, you can be confident to gain more visitors and clients through article writing. But before that, you must be skilled the SEO writing tactics to exert a pull on your potential readers and clients.

Below are the things you can do to make your articles effective:

1. Select a topic. When you are writing articles for your SEO business, make sure that your topic has a target market, because they are the reason why you are writing such thing. You have to
meet your audience’ demands in constructing a good written article. Search for the topics which are cost-effective and in demand to the market.
2. Create striking titles. Articles for SEO must have high quality and effective titles. Your title must be convincing and it must target the correct keyword that your potential readers would use in searching online. Be sure that your keyword must be place at the opening of your title. This will guarantee an apt and proper optimization process.
3. Make a research on some keywords. You should have a record of the top searched keywords in your niche. In writing articles, it is a must that you target those words. It is also necessary to use the synonyms of your keywords which are directly related to your main keyword. Bear in mind that search engines are dynamic and they change from time to time so don’t just relax.
4. Wrap up your expertise. As an SEO article writer, you have to gain the trust of the people. Try to offer some advices or tips that go beyond their e
5. xpectations. In order achieved massive visits to your website, you have to make and provide them a quality
and well written information. Article Writing for SEO will be effectual once you have convinced the people that you are a professional in this kind of business.
6. Don’t make things complicated. Just a piece of advice, maintain its simplicity. Keep your SEO articles simple and directed to the point. Don’t use superfluous words. Your reader will be pleased to the article that feeds them the right information they exactly want to know.

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By reading this, you can start writing your new article that will enhance your website’s visibility.



Jerica Herga is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication in the Philippines. She has been a writer in a publication for about 8 years. She is now trying to explore her writing skills and getting familiar in the world of internet marketing and SEO business.


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