Optimize your iPhone

Before you learn how to optimize your iphone, read a little about its history!

It was the 9th day from 2007 and the world got the most expected announcement in mobile phones evolution: the new launching to come, a new Apple Mobile Phone. The revolutionary iPhone.

From that day on, people where excited and waiting for the launch of the first iPhone, a telephone that was touch screen, with a very big screen and no need for extra pens while using it. With your finger you could do amazing and simple movements to navigate on that telephone that had just arrived to change the future of the smart phones. People were curious to use a telephone that had only 2 buttons (besides volume buttons): one to come back to the main screen and another one to turn the device on and off.

It was June 29th of the same year. The stores had lines that would go over blocks, reaching high kilometers. People were facing days on the streets just to be the first to buy the first iPhone. And at 6.00 am on that day, the first device was sold. And since then, every time a new model is launched, the stores face huge lines and a great competition for a piece.

Today, 7 years later, iPhone faces its 7th and 8th editions, being both of them launched together: the 5S and 5C. The difference between them is the quality: 5S is a superior model with better design, a superior camera and a function called Touch ID placed on the Home button. This function reads your fingerprint and unblock the device only if it can recognize its owners fingers; while 5C, doesn’t have this option and it’s made of plastic. The idea was to make a more accessible phone for those who could not afford an iPhone.

The others editions were: Original, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5. Together with the new models, only 4S and 5 are still being produced. Click here to compare the iPhones.

Optimize Your iPhone

Every iPhone above iPhone 4 can use the new iOS edition, the 7. But together with a new operational system, a lot of bugs start to show up. For example, many people say that the iPhone 4 doesn’t go well with the new iOS 7, the device gets slow and not too functional. Other people say that the battery goes away absolutely fast and many others complains that the parallax effect give them nauseas. So, to improve your iPhone with iOS 7, we prepared some tips! Check it out.

Always close the Apps after using them, because the new iOS has a system that memorizes everything that you are using. So, if an App is opened, it’s going to consume extra battery and also will use your iPhone’s memory to keep it running. Besides, if this app is connected to the internet (and most of them are), you will also lose a lot of data package letting the app running. So, to avoid all of this, just give a double press on Home button and slide up your open Apps to close them.

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It’s always a great idea to Delete the Apps that you don’t use at all. It’s completely normal that during our iPhone’s life, we download many Apps. Or because they seems nice, or maybe it’s a game that everybody plays or even because today you don’t use it, but maybe one day you will desperately need it. Forget about it. Make a beautiful clean up on your apps and free some space in your telephone. Enjoy the time to do the same with photos and music (if you have them). Remember that your downloaded apps will always remain in your Cloud – or App Store – and the music and photos you can have also in your computer. So, if you need them, they will be there.

Avoiding notifications is another great idea to optimize your iPhone. When this feature is on, your telephone will search for them time to time and this will consume battery, internet data and also your system. If you cancel them or check for it manually, you will optimize your iPhone. Believe me, notifications can be really annoying, specially if it’s followed by a tone – that in public places will annoy other people too. Besides, for those things that matters most, you are always checking on the App anyway, why get notification for that? Think about it!

Do you use e-mail on your iPhone? And how important is that function for you? If it’s not, at least deactivate automatic e-mails check. Just like the notifications, it will consume your iPhone for complete and time to time will slow down just to see if you have a new spam in your mailbox.

When not using them, turn off your 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth. With the new iOS 7, this functionality is much easier: in your blocked screen or in any App screen, you just have to slide up your finger right above the Home button. A small tab will appear and among functions like: control your screen brightness or activate the lantern mode, the WiFi and Bluetooth options will be there. The 3G you still have to follow the same old way: Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data and 3G. I know that it’s boring, but when you start making it, you won’t regret! Another cool thing is to put your iPhone on the Flight Mode when you face a moment that you can’t use it or the network is terrible.

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Control the brightness of your screen. The iPhone can be very brighter, so brighter that sometimes can make your eyes hurt. You don’t need this. Except if you work outside, under a great sun, you can leave the screen brightness to a very low level. At first you will think that it’s too dark, but very soon your eyes will get used to it and thank you for it!

And the last consideration is for those who get’s nauseas with the Parallax effect: you can turn it off at Settings > General > Reduce Movement.

With those tips you can optimize your iPhone system, speed, battery and you will be a happier person when your smartphone become actually smarter and with a longer life (including the battery!).


The new iOS 7 is not only about bad things and bugs. There are some new features that make life pretty easier. Sometimes people waste too much time trying to find the mistakes and forget to make a better use of the new features itself. So maybe, we have some new things listed here that you had no idea that they existed!

Multiple photos

Did you know that you can take multiple shots with your iPhone camera? Yes, you can! Open the camera, point to the desired subject and press the volume button “+” and keep it pressed. Get impressed that now you can shoot in burst mode!

Automatic Updates

If you are a fan of practicality instead of economy, you can now make automatic updates of your Apps. And the best thing: you have the option to enable this only for those times that you’re connect on internet with an WiFi network! To make it happen just go to Settings > iTunes and App Store and activate the option “Updates”. If you want to use your 3G data too, you must activate the button “Use Mobile Data”.

Block Contacts: No calls, no SMS, no FaceTime!

This is the sweet dream of every human-being: blocking boring people to contact you. With the new iOS 7 you can! And it’s as easy as call a contact. Go to your contact book, click on the contact that you want to block and swipe the screen down until you read “Block this contact”. And ta-da!

Back one screen of an App with one Finger Movement

Just read one e-mail and want to check others? Or maybe you selected one iTunes music and want to pick another one. Or even you are enjoying your time on an App with multiple screens and have no idea how to go back to the previous page? With the new iOS 7 this is simple: swipe to the right. This will work only if you are not at the first page of an App.

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“Read my e-mails Siri”

Yes, for all the iPhone 4 users, having Siri is a new thing at all. But for all the others that are already used with Siri, she now can read your e-mails. She starts saying the name of the sender, date and time and if you say “Yes”, she goes through the message too.

Improved Folders

Now you can have all your Apps easily organized into folders. Yes, you could do that in the past too, but you had a limited number of Apps for one folder, than you had to create multiple folders for one subject, for example: “Games 1, Games 2, Games 3” and on. You don’t have anymore. Now you can throw all of them into only one folder and make your Apps better organized!

Near Me at App Store

With Foursquare you can see all the stores, restaurants and parks near you. But now with the new iOS 7 you can also see the Apps near you! Is it hard to imagine? Well, think that you are travelling to a city that you have never been before. You want, of course, do some tourism and walk around, but you have no clue where. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Find an App, sure! So, now you have a new tab in your App Store: Near Me. And this tab will give you all the best apps for the area where you are. Much simpler!

New Tones

Have you visited your Sounds already? Well, if you didn’t, Apple has something there for you: new ones! And the company even make a nice gesture putting the new sounds in the first page and a link to the previous one. They are quite nice and maybe you can find a new Tone to your iPhone.

Faster Way to Close Apps

It’s not only the facility of just swiping up to close them. The new iOS brings also an amazing feature of closing up to 3 apps at the same time. Just press the Home button twice and use 3 fingers to swipe up. Really cool huh?!


When you have an iPhone, rarely you will feel like you want to change your mobile brand. Actually, when you have a product from Apple, you are certified that you have a very good quality product in your hands. And this standard makes the costumers to never give up of Apple’s products. If you change, it will be for a newer version, believe me!

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