Our Cafe

The Charm Of Yesterday In the Heart Of Modern Harlem
Harlem Coffee Co. is a branded and licensed coffee lounge that intertwines the rich history, romanticism, and charm of Harlem, New York, with the tremendous growth of specialty coffees. This growth is driven by discerning consumers who not only demand healthy and high quality food offerings but also convenient, cost-effective, and convivial dining experiences.

Harlem Coffee Co.
A New Taste Experience
Your expectations will be exceeded when you sample our premium coffees and other beverages, our healthy, fresh, and convenient nouveau Harlem cuisine, and experience unparalleled customer service. In addition to our flagship Harlem store, a second store is planned to open in Harlem in the next year with two more stores opening within the next five years.

You’ll find us reminiscent of a modern speakeasy with the vibe of the Lenox Lounge and the tasteful refinement of the Savoy Ballroom. Our design and decor will immediately remind you of the character and inviting atmosphere that is Harlem.