15 Resogun Tips To Climb To The Top Of The Leaderboards

Resogun is easily my favourite launch game since Halo. Although the game appears simple at first, there is an incredible amount of depth in the scoring system. You start out thinking just about survival, but after playing for awhile you will be balancing several things in her head at once in the pursuit of your next high score. I’ve had a great time chasing after my friend’s scores and climbing up the leaderboards. Here are some tips to help you achieve your best score.


– When the announcer says “keepers detected” you have to destroy the glowing enemies and they will release a human from a cage. Failure to destroy the keeper ships will result in a human dying in his cage.

– Some waves of keepers will arrive with only one unit glowing green, the others will be glowing red. You must destroy these keepers in a specific order starting with the green keeper.

– Some humans will only be saved if you have a specific level of multiplier by a certain point in the level. Unfortunately the exact number you need for different humans is still unknown, but if you have a descent multiplier this shouldn’t be a problem.

– After you destroy an enemy he will release green energy bits into the level, fly close to them and your ship will magnetically collect them. These energy bits charge your overdrive meter (the bottom meter below your ship). Boosting through enemies automatically gathers all the bits to your ship.

– The more enemies you boost into the slower your boost meter depletes.

– The more enemies you hit in one boost the greater the score bonus.

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– At the end of a boost you will release a small explosion, the more enemies you boost into the larger the explosion. If you boost into a large group of enemies you can instantly refill your boost meter with the explosion.


2. Pick a friend (or enemy) who is higher than you on the leaderboard. Don’t compare your score to the top player in the game, only focus on getting your score closer to your rival.

3. Use the Phobus ship. It is the hardest ship to pilot in the game, but the other ships don’t even compare to it’s scoring potential. Using any other ship is a waste of your time, the overdrive capabilities of Phobus are essential for high scores.

4. Every level has three phases and then a boss fight. Play through the level and learn the order that the major waves of enemies spawn in.

5. Practice trying to save all the humans in a level.


Once you can easily get through a level and save all the humans you should start focusing on intermediate skills.

1. Never let your multiplier disappear. This is one of the hardest parts of the game. Always be aware of how many enemies are around you. When there are few enemies on screen, don’t hold down the fire button, aim individual shots, while travelling to other packs of enemies.Past the first level your ship will have weak bullets that appear close to your ship and can damage a ship without destroying. Use these weak close range shots to fly by enemies and keep your multiplier going without destroying them. Bombs should never be used except to keep a multiplier going.

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2. Gather your enemies. Many of the enemies will follow you use these groups to your advantage, move away from them while shooting other enemies in front of you, and shoot backwards if you need to keep your multiplier going. Gathered enemies can also be used to boost into for points or shot with overdrive.

3. Always be carrying a human, if you can. The longer you wait to save a human the more points he will be worth (assuming you don’t lose your multiplier). Additionally held humans can be used to score to save multiplier in a pinch.

4. Take out priority enemies. Take out enemies which shoot homing shots, and enemies which put out long forces fields. Normal enemies can be cleared by your bullets, but homing shots and force fields will trap you if you don’t have any boost to escape.

5. Plan your overdrives. Usually you should use your overdrive almost right away, but if you know a big wave of enemies is coming as soon as you destroy the current one wait and then release your overdrive.


Once you can save all the humans, never die, and keep your multiplier going throughout the whole level it is time to focus on the smaller, and the much harder stuff!

1. Double Saving. Try and save two humans at once every time. When you save one human the safe zone will change to blue and you will have several seconds to grab another human and take them to the safe zone. Humans scored in this way will grant a huge bonus over saving humans one at a time.

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2. Overdrive Mastery. When you overdrive hold the button and release as the ring around your ship tightens close to your ship, you will release a large explosion before your overdrive shoots. This can be used to great effect if you are in the middle of many enemies which you have gathered in anticipation of this move. Enemies are worth their maximum amount as soon as they appear, when choosing targets during overdrive prioritize brand new units.

3. In between phases during the “phase complete” screen don’t shoot any enemies, because your multiplier is locked and will not increase during this time.

4. Human moving. Become totally comfortable moving humans all over the level. Practice both juggling humans.The timing is a little tricky at first. Throw one human and grab another, when the other human comes to your ship throw of the one you are holding. Practice boosting while throwing for when you want to move a human from one side of the level to the other. Become comfortable with all the different ways to move humans.

5.Triple saving or more. Try and rescue groups of three or more humans at once. I recommend throwing a human, while moving to grab the second human, throwing him, then going for the third human and boosting into the safe zone. If you are amazing you can attempt to save all the humans at the end of a level all at once. I have never been able to do this, but I hope you can, good luck!


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