How To Start Your Own Daycare Business

So you decided to stop sending endless resumes to countless job sites without ever receiving a response or having a generic courtesy email sent to you, it’s exhausting and not to mention discouraging.

This time you’re taking matters into your own hands and decide to become your own entrepreneur and start your own business. If you’re a parent, starting your own daycare may be the most lucrative and convenient business for you.

If you’re thinking about starting your own daycare, here are a few helpful tips that will assist you to ensure, you’re on the right track.

1. Create a plan. Make a list of questions then have answers for them. Some things you should think about is where will I have this daycare, what will be the age group that I’m aiming for? Do a lot of internet research to make sure your competition is limited.

2. Make sure you have all the legal requirements and issues taken care of before you begin your infrastructure for your daycare. In other words, protect yourself from any liabilities that may arise in the future. different states have different requirements, so wherever you’re located, make sure you’re abiding by all the state laws.

3. Where’s the money? Well if money didn’t exist then you wouldn’t need to worry about this step, but to make money, you’re going to have to invest money. You can acquire funds in a variety of ways. If you have decent credit You can go to a bank and get a business loan. Or you can find a personal investor to fund your daycare, or have a variety of fundraisers. If you still don’t have enough money, find a business partner that you can trust and will share the cost with you. Also, you can always for apply for a government grant. Hey, it can’t hurt.

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4. It’s all about location! Where are you going to hold you’re daycare? Would it be more convenient at your house or by renting an office space? Either way you’re going to need customers, that’s a given. If you decide to not have your daycare at your home, pick a spot where there’s a lot of businesses and families.

5. Advertise your new business before it opens, don’t wait. Talk to friends with children and have them talk to their friends with kids. Post an ad in the paper or even hand out flyers. Just think, the more you get the word out, the less likely you’ll have an empty daycare on opening day.

6. Here comes the fun part. Design and furnish your daycare center. This is the where you buy your furniture and supplies. A good place to look for furniture is the Salvation Army or your local Goodwill. Also, many times you can barter with people on Craigslist for used items. But most important, and I’m sure you already know this; you must child-proof your work area.

7. If you’re expecting a lot of clients, start thinking about who you are going to hire. While your business is beginning, you may want to think about hiring family and friends. Once it expands, you can place ad’s out and begin interviewing qualified candidates.

8. Remember, patience is a virtue. Don’t forget new businesses often times start out slow. If you’re experiencing a consistent slow time, do some more research, talk to fellow daycare owners to get ideas for your own business. But, above all, don’t be discouraged and give up. If you’ve done your homework, your daycare should become a huge success.

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