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I’m Matt Dodd of More Fun Computers, and I’m working on a game. Actually, the game is almost finished. And it’s not just my game, I’m collaborating with my good friend Allen Tucker of Farpath Studios. Our game is called Eternal Duel of Wits: Scholar’s Tournament, and you should be able to play it very soon. (Actually, if you really want, I can get you into the Beta now.)

I keep reading that this sort of communication is essential, so here it is. It’s funny, but I’ve had a lot of resistance to doing this. I used to blog all the time, starting way back in 2000. Another life.

Still, if I have your interest at all, it’s going to be about the work I’ve been doing on the game, right? The first thing you should know about it is that it’s a Flash game. I probably just lost some of the more ‘hardcore’ right there, I bet. Well, for those that are still around, I chose Flash for several reasons, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. The primary reason is that I want my game to be free. I’ve missed out on plenty of games over the years because I couldn’t afford them, and having often been poor and occasionally cripplingly so, I think those with less money need entertainment more, not less. The second reason is that almost everyone who’s online can play Flash games, and with the help of Flash portals, I hope to get it in front of as many people as possible. As far as I can tell, there’s no other single platform that can help me reach nearly as many people. And the last major reason I chose Flash is because I was able to teach myself the basics of Action Script 3 in under a week. I’m sure it means I’ll never be a “real programmer”, but even though I might’ve been the best student in my C++ and Java classes, they still intimidate the hell out of me.

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I should probably mention that too. I’m the sole programmer on Eternal Duel of Wits, Allen is the sole artist, and we share design duties, which is where both of our interests really lie. We started working on the game in earnest back in August 2011. Somehow we’re still not done yet, here at the end of March 2012, which embarrasses me when I look at Flash developers like nerdook who seem to release a high quality Flash game at least every other month. How does he do that? I suspect some manner of crossroad may’ve been involved…

We’re very close to sending out some e-mails some people in the industry with which I may not always agree, but think are very smart and have a huge knowledge base, to try to get some feedback and impressions of the game. I’m not sure what to expect from that, really. If we get something back from even one of them, I’ll be pretty pleased.

Hmm, it seems this post has turned into something of a rambling mess. This is why I’m not a writer or a publicist, folks. Next time I’ll try to give more information on the actual game.

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